Sub-Radio Standard History

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North Korea to test rocket

[View the story “North Korea to test long range rocket” on Storify]

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Anonymous hits China

[View the story “Anonymous hits China ” on Storify]

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U.S. unemployment hits low

[View the story “United States unemployment on decline” on Storify]

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Pinterest Post

I requested an invite to Pinterest yesterday but am still waiting on the invitation. I’ve never really used an image sharing service such as Pinterest, but once I gain access to the site I will likely “pin” photos of sports and movies.

Now that I have a Facebook, WordPress Blog, Twitteer, and Storify, Pinterest seems to be the next step in the ever evolving social media landscape. Some of the things I will enjoy putting on my “boards” will include.

1. Sports- The San Diego Padres, San Diego Chargers, and The Los Angeles Lakers are a big part of my life. I am also a huge fan of the basketball team here at George Mason.

2. Movies- I am an absolute movie buff and will pin certain still shots and movie posters to give people an idea of what I am in to.

3. Places- Being in a military family, I have moved a great deal and seen a wide variety of places. I would like to share these with some of my followers.

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Soccer star dies for 78 minutes, in recovery

[View the story “Soccer star dies for 78 minutes, in recovery” on Storify]

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Chapter 9 Briggs reaction

Ch.9 of “Journalism Next” tends to focus on the many data tools available to journalists over the internet in the modern day. All these tools are advancements in the way we organize and interpret data.

Tools such as Google Docs or MapBuilder can help you organize a wide variety of data sets, whether it be for personal or professional use. From contacts to sales projections, there are a variety of tools on the internet that can help you organize your data.

Three popular forms of data tools available are:

1. Interactive Maps- These can show readers where you’ve been and what you’ve done, allowing them to see a big picture with one graphic.

2. Search Databases- Simply put, these help you find whatever information you tell the database to find. Many databases have search criteria that can narrow your results to your liking.

3. Application Program Interfaces- Allow the sharing of information  between websites through data.

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Briggs chapter 8 reaction

Chapter 8 of “Journalism Next” focuses on the video component of journalism. With video camera capabilities on smart phones and simple upload sites such as Youtube, any journalist has instant video capabilities.

Before a journalist starts on a video story, they must first determine if they wish to tell a story in a documentary format, or as breaking news. The difference between the two is that breaking news is faster paced as footage must be captured and broadcasted in the shortest time possible. Documentaries are typically more staged, and as such, require a great deal of preparation.

There are four stages of video:
1. Storyboard/Preparation – Here a journalist determines the direction of the piece and how various shots will string together. Also, it can be decided here what angles and zooms to use in various situations.
2. Interviews – Setting up the interview location is critical. It must be comfortable for both parties and be well lit. Questions have to be prepared well ahead of time.
3. Shooting footage – There are a great deal of details when it comes to shooting, but lighting, audio, and zoom must be taken into account.
4. Publishing video- There is no shortage of simple upload sites but some of the easier, user friendly ones are Youtube, Vimeo, and Twitvid.


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Solar activity skyrockets

[View the story “Biggest Solar Storm in Years” on Storify]

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Workshop #2 Photoshop part 1

For my second workshop I attended a Photoshop workshop as I am limited in what I can do when it comes to editing photographs. The section that I attended was the first part of a four part series and dealt primarily with becoming familiar with the interface.

Some of the topics that were covered were:

– Cropping
– Filters
– Tables
– Rotation
– Zooming in and out
– Color editing

While some of these things seem rather simple, I had never even seen the fifth version of the CS Photoshop so I had no idea how to do anything. However, I considered myself better informed by the end of the workshop as there was only me and one other person in the workshop. By the end of the workshop, I was fixing and enriching a photograph that had been in the sun for a great deal of time.

I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested as it allows you to manipulate photographs to your liking while also helping you identify photos that could potentially be fake.

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